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We now offer a disinfection service utilizing proven 

electrostatic method that will make your office a safer place

for you and your employees

Your office building's windows are, literally, your view to the outside world during your work days. It's imperative that they are maintained to the standard that you have for the rest of your business. In an environment such as Central Oregon has, window cleaning is not a once-a-year job. Each season brings it's window challenges: dust in the summer, rain drops in the Spring and Fall, and a lower sun angle in the winter that highlights every grain of dust or calcium deposit on your windows. 

Water drops left too long on your windows and then dry in the sun can leave permanent water marks on your custom windows. 

This then requires special chemicals to remove the water spots. The best plan is to schedule your window cleanings for the year in advance. Time passes faster than we expect and suddenly you realize your windows look dirty and you have to take time out of your day to call and get on the schedule for a window cleaning.  

Let us make a customized plan for your window cleanings and you can adjust it as you see fit. You will realize the benefit as soon as you the shining results!

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