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Hospital Employees



We now offer a disinfection service utilizing proven 

electrostatic method that will make your office a safer place

for you and your employees

Our specialty is the healthcare industry.  We service well over 200,000 square feet of hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.  We can partner with existing Environmental Services (EVS) within an account or serve as the primary EVS; either way, we can adapt to meet the cleaning needs of your healthcare facility.  

Our extensive experience in this space has resulted in cost-savings through operational optimization. We realize day to day efficiency in personnel scheduling and a significant reduction in procurement costs for cleaning materials.

We realize the demands of a medical environment are high, and your clinical staff members have higher standard for the medical environment they provide their patients. This is why we consult with clinicians to make sure we are aligning our priorities with those of the medical industry.  Like you, we maintain that cleanliness is essential for health. Any time you find our cleaning hasn't met your standards, a follow-up visit is only a call or text away. 


Through customer feedback and years of noting different ways of keeping our finger on the pulse of each customers' needs, we have developed a communication process that maintains transparency and a clear line of accountability.  It is how our crew is trained prior to stepping one foot into your facility. 


We can respond quickly to urgent requests, and establish expectations for those that require a little more attention.  Although we complete our regular cleaning during business off-hours, we are available whenever you need us for last minute re-stocking of consumables, cleaning hazardous spills, completing walk-throughs and general communication. 

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