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It didn't matter what the business was, but two brothers set out to establish a family business that would provide a secondary source of income for their families. Little did they know that within five years it would double in size; within 10 years, their sister would join the business; and within 15 years, Gecko Solutions would become one of the largest commercial janitorial companies in Central Oregon. Read more about the individual members and their roles below. You can also see our team of employees who help maintain Summit Medical Group, and a few of our customers below that. Thank you for your virtual visit!




Returning to the States from living offshore in February 2016, Allan took over the business operations of Gecko from his brother Dennis. With degrees in Organizational Business Management from Santa Barbara Business College, and in Applied Semiconductor Fabrication Engineering from UCSB, he used his education and expertise to radically reform the daily operations of Gecko.


He became the full-time owner and operator the company needed, working day and night to track expenses and employee value, learning how to do floor care and clean professionally. He implemented various quality and management methodology to trim Gecko's client and employee rosters to a third of their former numbers, but with a cost to value ratio that finally enable the company to grow past the dormancy of the previous few years.


Now he is in charge of client relations and quality control. He is always available to his customers and makes their every concern his priority. 




In 2017 Rowena bought Dennis out of his share of Gecko Solutions and moved to Central Oregon to contribute to it's success. With an extensive background in financial operations in the healthcare industry, she was able to take on that aspect of the company. Having just "retired" from Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara after more than 30 years with them, she was looking forward to a change of scenery and spending time running the business with family. 


Most nights you can find her cleaning with a crew in numerous buildings and offices. During the day, she handles all the financial aspects that come with running a small business, including payroll, general accounting and the purchasing of supplies. 


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Our team is a critical element of our business.  Without them, there is no Gecko Solutions.  Day in and day out, they reliably suit up for you, our customers, making facilities look fresh and clean for the following business day.  And you will also find these hard-working men and women in some of the same buildings on the weekends, tackling special projects like backbreaking floor work so that your building maintains its value and just as important, its welcoming atmosphere for your customers. 

If you ever see a Gecko associate, please don't hesitate to say hello, as they also realize that without our customers, there would be no Gecko.

Thank you to our dedicated team!

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