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We now offer a disinfection service utilizing proven 

electrostatic method that will make your office a safer place

for you and your employees

Your office building is the hub for your employees and all your business dealings.  It has been proven in studies that employees miss up to nine days of work per year as a result of illness, some of which results from unhygienic offices.  Phones, keyboards, door handles, vending machines, floors, and phones are all areas where viruses may thrive for days, turning every surface into a cesspool of germs just waiting to sicken you and your colleagues.  


In addition to causing missed days of work and the associated decline in productivity, an unclean office gives the appearance of neglect. You son't want your customers worrying if neglect extends further than the cleanliness of your offices. 

On the other hand, clean offices increase productivity.  In a study by Staples Corporation, 94% of workers felt more productive in a clean workplace, while 77% expressed that they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a clean workspace. Your time is too valuable to spend it picking up at the end of the day; cutting corners to save a little money never pays off.


Hiring Gecko Solutions also gives you a second set of expert eyes to keep track of the things you don't see every day or don't have time to check on: a ballast that's out that an employee forgot to report, a crack in the wall that might be from a damaged foundation, or a corner of carpet coming up. Whatever we can't fix ourselves we can refer a trusted local company to partner in repairing. In that way you gain a link to a large local network of maintenance and repairs experts who are tried and trusted by us. 


To sum up, maintaining your workplace cleanliness lends to a welcoming environment resulting in:  

  • Reduced sick-days due to illness

  • Increased motivation -- higher productivity

  • A professional approach -- an image of how serious you take your business

  • Reduced stress

  • Links to local partners for a holistic approach to maintaining your building's natural beauty

Gecko Solutions will advise you upon initial visit of what will be required to either maintain or bring your office up to par.  Contact us today to request a quotation for your office. 

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